The benefits for you

"Our customers’ expectations are what drive us. Yesterday, today and tomorrow."
Peter Horn, Founder of the Company


Daring to be different
After investing in hardware and software companies are confronted with everyday life. This is when consumables develop into a cost factor which only the very few have factored into their investment budgeting.
Whilst the competition still only had thoughts for marketing hardware and software, in 1987 Peter Horn founded HORN GmbH – and went one step further. From the word go, HORN has specialised in the manufacturer-independent distribution of computer consumables.


Today, the company is one of the leading providers in Europe with branches in Austria and France as well.


Working together with ist customers
Finding the right product for each one at the most attractive price.
Finding the right product for each one at the most attractive price.
Be it a branded product or alternative, be it a rebuild or original, be it a standard product or something exotic, whether it is still available from the manufacturer or already no longer in the manufacturer’s range – we supply you with everything the market has to offer and provide completely independent advice. For us, what counts are your highly personal needs and the best value for money.
To your benefit.


Whether you are a big company, public authority or medium sized business – our 100 employees at home and abroad will use the full breadth of their experience to meet all your individual needs. A sophisticated goods management system and modern e-commerce connection provide the basis for smooth order processing from start to finish – from initial contact with the customer all the way to cost-centre linked delivery and billing.